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Thanks for visiting. I started in network marketing in 1974. Time Freedom  was an attraction.  From 1980-1986 I earned the majority of my income from networking and lifeguarding summers. then I taught high school and went to school to become a chiropractor at the age of 38. I still have a strong passion for this industry and a belief this is a fantastic way to help others and earn residual income.

It is not about the money earned. Network marketing is about Personal Development and Relationship Building. Those that Influence with Intergrity know and understand this. Of course there are people who want only one thing-your money. They promise you a whole lot and deliver nothing. I am fortunate to be with a power team of fantastic humble leaders who want you to be successful. Want to know more about me and what I promote. Message me or click . Click Here

Some Quotes: "Companies, deals and products come and go, but relaltionships last forever if build on a solid foundation."

Know Your WHY.  My WHY Drives Me.   Success is living your life working towards worthy goals and aspirations.

Ants are busy, but never too busy to go to a picnic.    People remain where they are celebrated and not just tolerated.



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  • Self Employed ChiropractorJan 1970 - Jan 1970

    I have a home office where I see private non insurance patients.


  • Jan 1970 - Jan 1970

    High School Grad, College Grad, Life Chiropractic 1993

Certified in NLP by Robbins Research. Experienced Leader and Team Player. Teachable, Humble. Honest and Kind Hearted.

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